North India tour, 21 days (+/-)

India’s northern region has amazingly varied topography. It is ancient region with a civilization dating back 3000 BC. Through the centuries, country has attracted many invaders, most of whom came in from the north. Alexander of Macedonia, Huns, parthians, Scythians, Mongols, Turks, Afghans, Mughals, and then finally the British. Some came to plunder, others to stay. Northern India understandably so varied, vibrant and irresistibly enchanting.

Places covered: Delhi-Varanasi-Khajuraho-Orcha-Gwalior-Agra-Ranthambhor-Jaipur-Jodpur-Udaipur.

This is another set of soft and easy going tour suitable for people in all age group, organize privately for individuals, couples, small families and groups of not more than 8 people. The idea behind the restriction of number of people participating in the group tour is to ensure the same quality, comfort and charm that of a Private Individual tour. Most of these destinations are located on plain land and connected each other with comfortable motor highways. However, Varanasi and Khajuraho are located far off places which are connected by flights. Main highlights of this tour are Temple Rituals, Religious Ceremonies, Cruise in the Holy river-Ganges, visits to Historical monuments, heritage Temples, Forts, Palaces, Wildlife, Bird watching, Nature Walk, Camel Safari, Cultural Arts performance, special local theme highlights, local food festivals, Tricycle Rikshaw Rides etc..

This tour is accessible from any part of the globe. We arrange to fly from your home town to Delhi, and after the tour, the same flight takes you back home. During this tour, all surface transport will be in a private car/Mini coach. We will also provide flights and Train Journey if there are places to be covered / connected by such mode of transport in the itinerary. While conducting local tours at cities, normal time taken for the same is maximum 3 hours. However, if it is a day long program, we provide a second overnight stay at such towns. While transferring tourists from one place to another by car or mini Bus and if it takes more than 4 hours, we provide adequate leisure in the afternoon with an overnight stay in hotels on such days to keep the tour more relaxing and enjoyable. Long distance places are connected either by flight or train, as per travelers’ choice.

Accommodations are normally arranged at hotels starting from clean and safe budget hotels to cozy and luxurious five star hotels with breakfast based on each traveler’s level of interest. However, there are places where full board [all meals of the day] is mandatory like accommodation in a hotel located in the middle of wildlife sanctuaries. Accommodation services are normally available as Single Room, Double Room, Double Room with extra bed(s), Inter-connected Double Rooms for big Families, Twin bedded Double Rooms for senior citizens. All Rooms are available with attached Toilets, Rain Shower and Refreshing Chamber.

There is no fixed tour schedule for this tour. Tour dates are fixed as per available vacation of the traveler. However, the most suitable time to do this tour is from September to Nov., and Feb. to April. During Dec. & Jan., there will be extreme cold in this region. A special note: it will be raining from July to August and people who love to enjoy Rain in a romantic way can do this tour during the Monsoon period as well. But, avoid spending vacations from March to June – the extreme hottest period in the region.

In regard to the cost of this tour, you will be pleased to know that prices are calculated fresh only for actual services required in the package, which helps to eliminate cost of services not required or not interested. We do also have prices in different category depending on the type of accommodations and services interested. So, check with us and pick a price matching your best interest. With our previous experiences, we have seen that most of the travellers like to lock the price between one hundred to two hundred fifty American dollars per day basis for tours in the middle range. To know the latest best offer and to exercise your best choice, send your mail to: In this regard, we salute all senior citizens and offer them discounted tour prices for holidays with double care during the entire period of their visit. The preview of this tour Itinerary reads as follows:

On the day first, flight from tourist's home country arrives in India at Delhi International Airport. Upon arrival in Delhi, Tour Manager from our office meets them at the Airport, assists and manage to transfer in a private car to hotel booked in advance. From this moment onwards, every tourists visiting India with us becomes our Guest. Here, our Guest will be given a Traditional Reception with few surprises. Remaining day/ hours will be on leisure. In the evening, Mr. Wilson Xavier, director of the company will personally meet our Guest at the hotel and takes the seat of HOST at the Restaurant for a warm welcome dinner. After this pleasant evening, stay overnight at the hotel.

On the day second, in the morning, after your leisurely breakfast at the Restaurant, enjoy full day tour of old and new city of Delhi for nearly 7 hours with a local guide speaking in your own mother tongue. Visit the historical monuments, temples, forts, parks, museums etc.. The occasion gives you a great opportunity to experience ‘life of Indians’ in the Capital city, being one among the 17 million people including people from different parts of India and the world over with great aims and dreams. After the tour, if time permits and still not exhausted, enjoy a colorful event –“light & sound show” scheduled at Red Fort in the evening. After the day long program in Delhi city, return to hotel for leisure, dinner and overnight stay…

On the day third, wake up to a pleasant morning. Open the windows and see a different world outside, breath fresh air of the promising nature, see people moving outside in slow pace, also people moving fast, picking up their daily routine responsibilities of the morning hours. Meantime, you may 'Tune' the day in ‘fine mode’. After pleasant breakfast at the Restaurant, process check-out from the hotel. Tour Manager from our local office will be monitoring your check-out process for a comfortable start of the day. Then, we provide you transfer in our private car to Delhi Airport for your flight to Varanasi (less than 3 hrs.). Upon arrival at Varanasi, Tour Manager from our local office meets you at the Airport, assists you and transfer to hotel booked in advance for check-in. Now, have a re-charging walk to different areas in this hotel for a brief knowledge on the general set up including the garden, pool, wine outlet and other facilities built for the comfort and pleasure of in-house guests. At around 5 in the evening, you will be taken for a cruise in the ‘Holy River Ganga’…using a non-mechanized small boat. This is a spiritual program to enrich your mind and body in the Holy Land-Varanasi. After this Religious Performances with a different experience, we will arrange your dinner at one of the local Restaurants set in a traditional Religious background for a great experience, if you so desires. [if possible, try to maintain a Vegetarian status while you are in this town]. With this, you are winding up the first day in Varanasi and return to hotel to stay overnight… During the entire tour program, we keep a monitoring process to ensure comfort and safety to all our guests.

We value your precious time taken to browse through this site, so, we do not prolong narrating this itinerary further. A copy of the same shall be sent to you upon request. Please send your mail to: This is only a suggested tour for travelling privately. Places in this tour can either be skipped, substituted or added with places of traveler’s choice and number of days can be extended or cut short to personalize the journey more privately. Please contact Mr.Wilson Xavier [ ] for further ideas on designing your own private tour in India. Note: In case you need a call back from him for quick answers and information on this tour or any other subject, mention your phone number in your enquiry mail.

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